Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bull-fight in Spain

Last week, I finally uploaded several bull-fight video clips that I took during my spring-break trip in Spain. This bull-fight took place in Las Ventas, the bull-fight arena in Madrid. I was amazed by the scenes as it was different from what I expected from reading magazines and watching bull-fights on television.

The first clip shows that the picadore, who was riding the armored horse, was rammed by the bull, and the picadore used the lance to stab the bull’s neck to weaken the bull’s muscle and draw the bull’s first blood.

The second clip shows three banderilleros stab the bull with three banderillas, which are sharp barbed sticks, onto the wound on the bull’s neck to further weaken the bull and cause more blood loss.

The third clip shows the bullfighter killed the bull with a final sword thrust, which penetrated the bull’s shoulder and heart. Even though the bull was still moving afterward, it didn’t take much longer for the bull to hit the ground in the end.

The last clip shows that after the bull was dead, it was dragged by the horses around the arena for a lap before exiting the arena.

The bull-fight was one of my favorite parts during the trip. In addition to the show, the bullfighters’ colorful costumes were beautiful and the bull-fight arena was also gorgeously constructed. All these characteristics reflected one of the important traditional cultures in Spain.

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