Thursday, April 16, 2009

RE: J. Frieboes's post: "Pirates, Pirates, Pirates..."

In response to J. Frieboes’s recent blog post “Pirates, Pirates, Pirates…,” Somalia’s pirates are definitely causing lots of sea-trade problems around the Gulf of Aden.

Even after the pirates were defeated in the Maersk-Alabama hijack, the pirates not only refused to scale back their hijack activities around the Gulf of Aden, but according to a recent report from the US Report, the pirates were also seeking revenge on the U.S. Navy after three of their pirates were shot and killed by the U.S. Navy’s snipers in the Maersk-Alabama rescue mission over the weekend.

The comment from the pirate also reminds me of what happened in Somalia in 1993, which was depicted in the Hollywood movie: Black Hawk Down, about a conflict between the U.S. Army and the Somalia militias. That event resulted in the death of more than a thousand Somalia militias and 19 American Soldiers. Eventually, the former U.S. President, Bill Clinton, decided to pull out the U.S. Army from Somalia.

Instead of a clash between the Somalia militia and U.S. Army similar to the one in 1993, would this conflict lead to another tragic event between the Somalia pirates and the U.S. Navy again?

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